We are open for business and the air is clean.
Oregon Forest Fires: 

As you have probably heard a lot about Portland in the news lately, we are safe from the violence.
We are also safe distance from the fires, and they are getting them under control.
After about a week of "Hazardous" Air as a continuous fog, today the rain poured and the air is back to normal.

COVID-19: We are a home based business and we follow local health recommendations AND process all of your quilting orders.

Appliques and Patches

Beatles Logo Patch

Beatles Logo Patch

3" Embroidered The Beatles patch..

$2.12 $4.24

Est qty in stock: 2.00

Item No.: ZSKT51

Betty Cool Breeze Patch

Betty Cool Breeze Patch

4.5" tall Embroidered Betty Boop patch..

$2.49 $5.09

Est qty in stock: 4.00

Item No.: ZSKB50

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